Naerys has long been a land in turmoil.

It all began in 1543 Dale Reckoning. That fateful year, in the month of Flamerule, an enterprising young academic at the Academy made a discovery that would change the entire continent of Naerys. Paladius Denitus, a young academician working in the mineral sciences, discovered Arconeum. This mineral had what Denitus thought were miraculous properties. It burned far quicker and more efficiently than coal or wood. Arconeum.jpgIt emitted arcane energy when it was burned and also was an efficient lighting solution thanks to its dull white glow. While early on the possibilities of this new mineral seemed endless, sadly it was never able to realize its full potential as something that made life better for the average person in Naerys.

In 1612 DR, Dwarves at Torrine’s Hall discovered a way to harness the power generated by this mineral to power their vast mining constructs. Upon seeing these great machines, the humans of Cirraine also sought ways to create machines to simplify their laborious tasks. It seemed that Arconeum was a viable way to mechanise industry and to provide a better quality of life for all people, be they Orcish, Human, Dwarvish or Gnomish or any of the other races.

Sadly, this was not to be. In that same year, a young gnomish tinkerer by the name of Brihim Nettleby Bittimbop found a way to harness the power of Arconeum as a propellant. Recruited by the humans at Cirraine, this power quickly became a force to be reckoned with and led to the creation of many Arconeum-powered constructs of war. This led to the Mineral Wars, which was triggered by an Orcish invasion of Dwarven territory Roundshield’s Keep. The Orcs believed that the Dwarves and Humans were conspiring to eradicate them, and this preemptive strike began a war that would last for many years.

Attempts were made to broker a peace. The Elves of the Elvish Cape tried to intervene in 1623 DR and the conflict seemed to end. In 1639 DR the hostilities resumed, as it was discovered that the Dwarves never ended their research into more efficient constructs for killing Orcs. A devastating conflict ensued for the next decade. As the conflict continued, it was discovered that Arconeum reserves were running quite low, and mines were collapsing both financially and literally. Many mining towns were quickly abandoned as the mines ran dry and the mineshafts beneath them collapsed. This fate befell the New Nashkel Mines, which collapsed into a 5 kilometer wide sinkhole in 1660 DR.

As resources continued to dwindle, the warring parties sought to maintain their resource pools. In 1661 DR the Orcish Federation was founded, and immediately launched an assault by sea on the Elvish lands in Elvish Cape. Battle_Elvish_Cape.jpgSince the discovery of Arconeum, the elves had maintained a strict policy against its use, believing it to only be a way of destroying the earth given to them by Miellikki, goddess of nature. The Orcish raiding parties quickly decimated the population of Elves. Only when an alliance of Humans and Dwarves came to their aid was the Orcish invasion stopped.

It is the year 1687 DR. Since the invasion of Elvish Cape nationalistic fervour has swept the continent. Three nation-states have arisen out of this conflict, each vying for power. The Orcish Federation formed at Gundamoor and was the first of these nation-states. The Dwarves now carry the banner of the Confederation of Clanggedin, commonly called the Confederation. The Humans settlements united to become the Mattaenean Empire, commonly called the Empire. The world is still embroiled in conflict, and raiding parties across the borders are constant. While a large scale battle has not happened since the invasion of the Elvish Cape, tensions are rising as stocks of Arconeum dwindle. It seems that the once prosperous continent of Naerys has begun its descent. Adventurer, will you hasten its fall or bring Naerys back into the light?

Descent of Naerys