Paladius Denitus

Denitus.jpgPaladius Denitus was a human alchemist and inventor who worked at the Academy in Naerys. Denitus was well known for the discovery of Arconeum in 1543 DR.

Early Life
Born in 1502 DR in Goldenfield to parents Annabelle and Pistorius Denitus, young Paladius was quickly recognized for his tinkering, which began with his knack for creating small and intricate clockwork toys at age 5. He was quickly recognized as a genius, and was offered entry into the reclusive Academy at the age of 16. From here his service in the Academy has been mostly hidden from the public. Little is known of what he did in the Academy leading up to his discovery of Arconeum in 1543.

Discovery of Arconeum
In Flamerule of 1543, Denitus was taken aside at the Academy and told that the Board of Directors wanted to see the development of an ore that he had been working with. The ore, which had been given to the Academy for study by a Gnomish trader passing through New Nashkel, was quickly seen as a potential new energy source. While other academicians viewed this study as not being worthwhile, Denitus saw the potential of the ore. He began work analyzing its properties, and gave his final report to the Board of Directors within a fortnight. The report was forwarded to the various Dwarvish Kings and Human Kingdoms in the West and South. Almost overnight the research interests of the Academy turned towards Arconeum-related activities.

Later Life
Denitus’ fame was assured with the discovery of Arconeum, and he later became the Director for the Academy. He is the only Director of the Academy that was publically known. His ascendance to the Directorship of the Academy attracted copious amounts of funding for the institution from the Dwarvish and Human Kingdoms. Under his tutelage, the Academy remained a major institution in the continent. He stayed in this role until his death in 1602 DR. The tower in the Academy was renamed in his memory. Denitus did not live to see the conflict that erupted from his discovery.

A controversy over the original discoverer of Arconeum has recently come to light. In 1680 DR it was alleged that it was not Denitus who was originally working on Arconeum, and that that project belonged to a half-orc known as Oclivius Battleborn. It is alleged that Denitus was a symbolic figure who presented as a viable candidate to revitalize the Academy on the back of the work of Battleborn. The controversy has yet to be resolved.

Paladius Denitus

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